Creative Process Outsourcing: What Does It Mean?

We all know how outsourcing has boomed in the past decade, especially in the Philippines; but have you heard of Creative Process Outsourcing? Creative Process Outsourcing (CPO) works the same as BPO. But instead of outsourcing back-end processes like bookkeeping and other business functions, CPO covers creative solutions for marketing and advertising needs, as well as anything that requires creative output both in print and digital. CPO solutions often include web and graphic design, web development, copywriting, and animation and video editing.


Clients benefit from CPO by getting quality work done by creative specialists at a lower price. Through CPO companies, businesses get a remote staff along with other resources and tools without having to pay for overhead costs. This is ideal for the kinds of jobs that are only required once in a while or seasonally, such as creative marketing jobs.


Moreover, it is also smart to consider CPO so that a brand’s marketing, advertising, and branding efforts will be taken care of by specialists in order for these functions to be more effective and maximized. With creative functions outsourced to specialists, business owners can save more time and money which they can allocate to growing their business and developing and improving new and existing products and/or services. High-quality looks and high-quality products will give your business a competitive advantage.


There are different levels that businesses outsource creative tasks. Some outsource the production, with the creative ideas coming from their in-house team. Some businesses also outsource a specific service like, video editing or content writing services for example, while others outsource their whole creative processes with the CPO team serving as the remote creative department or an extension of their existing in-house marketing department.


Outsourcing creative processes give you access to different levels of creative skills available at varying price setups. When you’ve decided that Creative Process Outsourcing is for you, get in touch with MicroCreatives! Most of our new clients go with a project-based setup but they settle with hourly rates later on. But in an event when you’re looking to hire creatives for a longer term (for 1 month or more), go with dedicated staffing.


Based in the Philippines, MicroCreatives is a creative design agency that has reliable and skilled Filipino print and digital designers, web developers, copywriters, and video editors who can be hired to work hourly, per project, or solely on your project as a dedicated staff. Typically more affordable when compared to outsourced creative design work from western countries like Australia, Canada, UK, and the US, MicroCreatives has flexible pricing setups so contact us for a project estimate.