Debranding is the Next Step for Brands

There have been many significant changes as to how a brand could sell. Like every other trend, the marketing industry has its own cycles, too, and as of the moment, advertising is starting to go down.


It’s trying to deviate from the traditional approach, though. The latest direction is to try and get to the emotional side of the audience, somehow misleading them to what the product is actually about. Some brands prefer to make ads with visuals created by the best in the business, some use good stories to get in touch with the consumers. It won’t always be effective, and eventually people will be able to figure out what they really want.



The best step for businesses is to debrand; they should consider making the product alive for what it is, and avoid the entire facade that goes with branding. Make the quality of the product the center point of everything. If your business is making shoes, the focus must be on its durability, its true purpose, and avoid detouring to words and promises that stay irrelevant with the product.


Debranding will help promote authenticity, something lost in the business nowadays. The facade of branding being washed away will be a boost for traditional makers, making more room for quality over quantity. In this generation, the idea of branding, which differentiates a company from its rivals, might just become more irrelevant, because people are now more comfortable with being interconnected. We, as consumers, can make a change by realizing that we need quality products, over branding. The most innovative brands will always find ways to follow the trend, eventually.


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