Design the Android Way

Traditional is always the way to go when you’re stuck and out of ideas, Android did the same thing with their design process. Here’s some inside information provided by Google that revealed Android’s creative process.


Sketching is the best way to bring out a lot of ideas on the table for any project. Android’s UX Team started sketching out each idea without the consideration of layout but more on main functionality in mind first.


To get an organized view of your design or project, arrange it into a wireframe. You’ll be able to see a visual rough draft of your design that will still allow more improvement and development.


Present your design concepts in full detail, with a Full Fidelity Mock-up you’ll be able to see if all your designs will fit the entire theme that you’re going for.


In designing a website or an app you’re going to have to make sure that your audience is kept interested. Make sure that the flow of your design isn’t confusing and easy to navigate. Creating a flow will let you see the steps that the user will go through in your project.


Set specific guidelines for the developers to take note of, this can be anything from moveable items to a size of an image.

You can use the Andriod UX Team’s design process in any design project you see fit, as long as it makes sense and helps you get your message across.