Design Trends: What Can Make or Break Your Website in 2019

Businesses and brands always strive to be on the top of their game. It’s always a survival of the fittest, some would say. In addition to staying competitive by keeping up with and anticipating market trends, keeping your website’s design fresh and relevant is also key to keep your target audience on their toes.


Consider some of these web design trends that we anticipate to dominate this 2019.



In 2019, expect more gradients and color transitions. In 2018, brighter and bolder color palettes were used. Expect this trend to continue through 2019, as constant technological advancements mean display screens have also improved! Colors are used more since they translate to display screens better. According to Pantone, “intense colors seem to be a natural application of our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days.” Among the brands that have updated their logos and websites to accommodate better color palettes, gradients, and color transitions are Instagram, Spotify, Green & Blacks, and the NYC Pride (Parade), to name some.


Color Palette

Color trends to look out for this year include the first three palettes of the year released by Pantone—Cravings, Classico, and Meanderings. The Cravings palette is dedicated to food, which includes the colors Butterrum, Cappuccino, Cayenne, Chili Pepper, Flamingo, and Grass Green. Apricot Brandy, Camel, Caviar, Deep Teal, Gray Flannel, and White Swan are among the colors in the Classico palette, which emphasizes the elegance and timelessness of these colors. The Meanderings palette includes Aurora Red, Blueprint, Chai Tea, Island Green, Spice Route, and Wild Orchid. Called the “2019 Pantone palette of globalization,” this color palette reflects diversity, travel, and different cultures of the world.


pantone cravings palette

Cravings palette

pantone classico palette

Classico Palette

meanderings palette

Meanderings palette

3D, Bright, and Mono-color

Experts believe that three-dimensionality and bright colors will continue to flourish in 2019 as it has in 2018. Some brands may also pick up mono-colors this year.



Double Exposure Effect and Double Light

Trends normally just come and go, so the double exposure effect isn’t entirely new. What would be interesting is to see the more up-to-date interpretations of the trend. Also to be expected is the double light effect, which is an effect that uses two real light sources, or splitting light channels through edits. Double light can be executed in a variety of ways, whichever process end up being chosen will definitely leave a lasting impression and garner great reception.





2019 will see more gradients; but unlike the gradients from the past, the year will see more two-toned gradients.




Adding metallic elements to the design add a more luxurious feel. See more golds, silver, even dark onyx incorporated into designs often combined with 3D elements, among other on-trend design aspects.



90s nostalgia, particularly the “vaporwave” style that features holographic designs, flourished in 2018 and is here to stay in 2019. Expect more blinding shimmer and pizazz to go with existing design trends.



2019 will see the digitization of calligraphy, traditional drawings, and various handwork. Traditional tools like paint brushes get an upgrade through Photoshop. Drawn pictures, paintings, and the like will be seen more in the digital space as more designers transfer traditional work and improve their artworks with digital effects.





More and more websites will use GIFs with microinteractions and tiny animations to briefly communicate with web users. Microinteractions in web design lets the user know that the action was recorded and that the page is working on the specific entered command. Microinteractions also show that an action is temporary and that the previous content is still available on the page without having the need to refresh.



“Damaged” design and images will continue to capture attention and the wave effect is at the forefront of the popularity list. More unconventional web design will be trending in 2019. The more unexpected and the more modified the image gets, the better.



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