Don’t Know How to Code? You Can Still Build Your Own Website!

Compared to technology before, nowadays, thinking of making your own website isn’t as overwhelming anymore. There are now tools available online that allow building websites without the need to learn how to manually code. A lot has changed over time. We now live in a world where creating your own website does not require you to join hosting sites like Geocities, or even build from the ground up via HTML, anymore.


Domain and Hosting

For starters, when considering to build your own website, it’s best to read up and learn how domains and hosting work. A website needs a domain name which tells you where on the web to go, and a host which stores your website’s files, etc. Whether or not you decide to take advantage of paid packages for top-level domain (TLD) is up to you. Typically, TLDs can cost starting $10 a year to register, often included by website services as part of the monthly hosting fee. On the other hand, when taking advantage of a free service – something like, ‘’ – you’ll get stuck with the default subdomain name, in this case, ‘’, among other platforms. Check out which one works out for you, and be sure to do some research before diving in.


Web Services

In addition to the paid domain or hosting, you may also need to pay for other website services as well. There are free options but keep in mind that these free services are often bundled with feature limitations and as such, limited customization. Paid web services can set you back around $7-$10 a month on top of your already existing domain registration and hosting fees. Let’s say the preparations are all complete, and you need to pick a website service. Options to consider and going with a website service depend on what type of website you need and what you’re looking for. There are basic/advanced blogging websites, basic free websites, basic paid websites or shops, portfolio, to name a few.


Which Platform to Use?

A basic blog can be something like Tumblr, while an advanced blog can be done with WordPress. Free websites can be provided by Weebly, while Squarespace offers basic paid services. It’s also possible to make an online art portfolio with an Adobe Portfolio website. All that’s left is to get building! Building consists of customizing colors, utilizing templates, and placing content. When having trouble with translating your own style, use Coolors.


These tips are just an overview on how you can create your own website even if you don’t know how to code. Hopefully the points provided above gave a brief yet interesting look into starting your own website. And now that you’re armed with the information, you can now start your own website, or work with a reliable team that will do it all for you! MicroCreatives, the creative services arm of MicroSourcing Philippines, offers creative outsourcing services, including web development, web and graphic design, copywriting, and animation, to clients the all over the world. Be sure to browse through our website to learn more about how we can help you better.