Drawing On Air – It’s Possible!

Remember when people thought there would never come a time when people can fly?

It was not until Da Vinci first conceptualized flying machines and the Wright Brothers actually made it happen.

Today, nothing really seems impossible. And now, it seems ridiculous to exonerate the possibility of drawing on air.

Yes. You’ve got that right. You no longer need a paper in order to sketch, draw, or illustrate now with the breakthrough technology of 3D printing.

LIX is the pen responsible for this mind-blowing innovation. It lets people create art on air. It is created by an ingenious team of design professionals from London, and was backed up as a kickstarter project, to make it possible for us to doodle on air!

How it works:

LIX 3D pen works the same was as any other 3D printers. It melts and cools plastic to create freestanding structures. You just have to plug the pen in any USB 3.0 port, insert the filament used for the drawings, wait for 60 seconds for the nozzle to heat up, and voila! It is now possible to draw anything from your imagination and materialize it into the air.

LIX is the world’s smallest 3D printing pen that is specifically designed for all sorts of creative people: architects, stylists, and designers. Because of its small size and portability, all creative people would want to get their hands in this beautifully-designed technological pen.

What’s more exciting about this breakthrough technology is that the LIX 3D pen is not only limited to creating drawings, it can also be used to create accessories, decoration pieces, arts and crafts, jewelries, or even for creating clothing!

LIX50 years ago, who would’ve thought this would be possible? Now, in just a matter of seconds, you can create something uniquely beautiful using a pen, even without the paper.