Eliminate Distractions to Increase Productivity

Before anything else, get the thought of multitasking out of your head! Humans have been thinking for a while now that it is possible to do or accomplish a lot of things at the same time. Think of it this way: when you do more than one task at the same time, your focus will be divided. Doing multiple things lets you commit less than 100 percent per task, with each task not only taking a longer time to complete, but also completed with a lower quality.


A study by the University of London has shown that people who have tried to multitask while doing cognitive tasks had their IQ drop by the same amount as if they had no sleep and just stayed up all night. Avoiding multitasking and eliminating distractions or interruptions can be started by creating and following a calendar or schedule of the work you need to accomplish, working with your core task, and understanding that all tasks take their time to complete.


Working with a calendar or schedule lets you be more aware of your tasks. Protect your schedule by communicating and letting other people know your priorities. It isn’t enough to put a “do not disturb” status or shut off your instant messengers – it might be better to make use of a time tracking software or website like Hubstaff or Toggl to be aware of the time spent on tasks.


Hubstaff is a staff monitoring software that provides ongoing management for team projects, time tracking, sending payments, among others. While the software tracks the amount of time spent on tasks, it also takes a screenshot of your desktop as evidence, taken randomly during a ten-minute interval. Another time tracking program is Toggl, which we at MicroCreatives use to streamline projects with real time tracking.


In addition to working with a schedule, take small steps and slowly get rid of outside interruptions and focus more on working only with your core task; do not check emails or reply if that is not the priority and just focus on the main task for the day. Each interruption while doing one task takes an average of 25 minutes to regain back the focus needed to complete the task successfully. Without distractions, you can be more focused and efficient and at the same time achieve more things one after the other.