Enhancing Customer Conversions Through a Shift in Perspective

Putting up an online store is only the beginning of a challenging process to reach potential buyers and convert website visits to customers. In an ideal world, social media following directly translates into profit for an online business, but since that is far from the actual case, we present a list of useful ideas to help online business owners in growing their business by focusing on the perspective of customers.

It is a given that business owners are responsible for ensuring that their online shops are well-designed and appealing to the eyes of prospective customers. But the responsibility does not end there. Receiving numerous website visitors suggests there is an influx of interested buyers who are trying their luck on finding items that may be available in your online shop, which in turn indicates an opportunity to convert them from visitors to purchasers. Easy, right? Not really.

Not all website visitors turn out to be customers who will make a purchase from your shop, but the good news is that you can increase the chances of turning them to buyers by having your website designed in a way that visitors can navigate around it with ease. Help visitors find what they’re looking for by referring to their search terms and arranging your website to feature categories for different product types and specifications. In this way, they will find not only what they came to the website for, but also get to see similar items that may interest them.

If your online shop already has a huge following on social media sites, make that work to your advantage by putting emphasis on the customer reviews posted on these platforms. You can even go as far as featuring a widget especially dedicated to customer feedback to encourage other potential customers to consider making a purchase from your online shop.

Lastly, page design is of great importance when you have an online shop. It is what catches the attention of visitors and gets their curiosity up. Make sure that whichever page on your website they land on, customers will have a clear idea of what you are offering to keep them interested in browsing through it more.