Evergreen Content to Boost Your Website Traffic

Producing content that will entice the public to visit your site is a constant challenge for every content creator. At times, it is hard to keep up with your readers’ demands; and adding to the struggle is the content’s quality, such as timeliness and marketability, which should never be overlooked. Lucky for us, evergreen content offers a smart and sustainable way to keep our online spaces running and alive in the race of online traffic.


Defining Evergreen Content

Known for its perennial abilities, evergreen content is a type of content that is informative and stays relevant for a long time. Though sometimes it won’t go viral or it’s not as trending as topical subjects, much like the evergreen trees it was inspired from, evergreen content will always stay “fresh” and applicable for months long or even years from when it was first published.


Common Evergreen Content Formats

The success of writing evergreen content depends on the topic, theme, and format you’ll be using. Knowing what your readers want and how to deliver it to them can enhance your website performance.


Below are some of the effective ways to add evergreen content on your website.



An article that is in the form or is composed of a list is one way to incorporate evergreen content in your blog or website. The list should have a natural flow depending on where you want to lead your readers as the list goes on. Avoid using overly technical words and use the language your readers can easily comprehend.


Instructional Content

Most commonly known as “how -to” articles, instructional content provides a step-by-step guide to solving and improving a certain issue or situation. For it to be effective, the writer must have an open ear to what troubles its readers. And from that point, they must narrow the topic down to a specific concern for them provide a much direct solution to the issue and formulate guidelines that users can simply apply.


Pro Tips

Receiving tips and advice are what most readers want. Especially if it comes from an industry powerhouse or a social influencer, then you’ll have content that will foster your website’s visibility. As much as it involves an industry maven, remember that you are not writing for the experts here. Delivering those insights and knowledge to a relatable level is the key to this content’s success.


Historical and Encyclopedic Entry

A factual “everything you need to know” article always sells well to your detail savvy readers. Historical and encyclopedic entries don’t have to be boring. Match it with good visuals and you’re up for something buzz-worthy. Get inspired from product myths, icon stories, and the daunting tales of everything about your niche; you’ll surely attract not just the “nerds” of the industry but even the younger digital generation.



Sharing your perspective on things is much appreciated by your readers. It builds trust and can be an opportunity for them to know your expertise in your field. Focus on the pros and cons of your subject. As much as they want to get to know you, the advantages and disadvantages you’ll be sharing is the reason they clicked on your page. Let them know what the unique selling points of the product are and why it is a smart purchase.


Recognizing the power of evergreen content should be innate to every writer and content creator. Its potential to garner more readers is a good enough reason for you to create one. It may not be the elixir of life for your website, but its sustainable and long-lasting nature can be the tiny pill to keep it running in the online stratosphere.