Finally Finish That Project and Get Paid!

Have you ever been stuck with a particular project for months? We’re often thrilled when starting on a new project, until we realize we’ve bitten off more than we can chew. Here’s how you can get yourself unstuck and allow your work to resurface.


  • Explain. If you have a partially finished project, but can’t get to the finish line because your clients are extremely keen on details, break them into two parts; the main project and all the other elements that they need done/fixed/finished. A client usually has an idea how they’d like the end product to look, but aren’t familiar with processes which is why they hired you. Discuss with them in detail what will take time and why-you might actually find a common ground.
  • Ask for the necessary client information and time frame. If you are working on a pre-existing website that has little or no information at all, make a list of everything you need from your client. Remind them that without these materials it will become difficult for you to move on, so make sure to discuss timeframes and deliverables with your client.
  • Keep your clients in the loop – If you encounter any problems whatsoever talk to your clients. If you take the initiative to freely but politely speak your mind, they will be more than willing to help you solve existing problems together. Discussing issues over the phone, through chat or face to face is your best bet. Email isn’t advisable, especially when you’re sure there may be more than a few steps to fix the problem and slight misunderstandings can cause a whole new issue all together.
  • Negotiate with your client. Talk with your clients about the advantages and disadvantages of continuing with a project. Weigh the degree of significance between the needs and wants then, come up with a consensus.
  • Turn them down. If a project is impossible to finish, say it politely and be professional about it. According to the law, if a project is put on hold for more than four weeks, it will be considered inactive but billable.

If you ever find yourself working on a mission-impossible-design-project, inform your clients right away so as not to waste time, money and effort.