For Designers: A One-Stop Color Guide Of Popular Social Platforms

Social Colors one-page website

Social media platforms are undeniably an important part of businesses online and having them should always be easily accessible for visitors whenever they browse your main site. Each social platform has a distinct color scheme that people can easily identify.


To make it easier – and accurate – for web designers and developers to find and adopt the correct color codes of the popular social media platforms, 7span, a company based in Ahmedabad that specializes in graphic design, websites, and app development for businesses, has created a convenient, one-page website called ‘Social Colors’ that includes the color codes to use on web-based initiatives. This will greatly help the creative team, which includes us here at MicroCreatives, on our projects.


‘Social Colors’ includes color themes from popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, search engines such as Yahoo!, and even high-traffic websites like Reddit and YouTube.


color code of Facebook

color code of Google Plus