There’s Actually A Word For That?

Language is what we, humans use everyday as a form of communication to convey our thoughts and articulate our emotions. It is critical for individual expression and more importantly, critical for eliciting a response from other people. And we never really realize the extent of human capacity it gives us to relate with other people; how wonderful gifts words are to the universe until we are only left with hollow, sometimes, non-existent words that disables us to express our deepest sentiments and connect with other people.

Words, in general, may only tell a fraction of what you feel and though you may think, there isn’t a single, corresponding word for what you think and what you feel, other cultures may have.

As complex as language may seem, Maptia had the ingenious idea to attribute 11 words that cannot be translated to other languages into these imaginative illustrations, everybody will surely enjoy.

Mangata Swedish Iktsuarpok Inuit

Why it works:

It easily catches the audiences’ attention and immediately establishes a connection. More often than not, we are very visual people. We are easily attracted with different shapes and vibrant colors.
The simple and elegant illustrations immediately sets the mood and conjure up a certain feeling that will make the word easily relatable, no matter how foreign it can be.
It is a great learning tool for the people. It helps with widening your vocabulary by simply injecting elusive words to everyday conversations and then share them with other people. You might just save a word from extinction!
It is a great way to tie to a large group of audience. No matter how diverse cultures are, someone, somewhere, is connecting with you through these symbols.
It is straight to the point. The illustrations tell it like it is.
Depaysement French
Waldeinsamkeit German

Try pronouncing and use the words yourself! It might come in handy in your future literary works someday and let other people know that they are not alone in what they feel.