Fuel Your Creativity by Understanding Your Personality

According to the 2014 study published in ‘The Journal of Creative Behaviour’, you can boost your creativity and achieve more creatively by knowing yourself and getting in touch more with your personality. The study focused on a person’s personality, work process, and creativity and how they are all related and connected to one another. The writers of the study, Guillaume Furst, Paolo Ghisletta, and Todd Lubart, looked into how your personality affects and predicts how you work, which in turn has an effect on your level of creativity and creative achievement.


First step to fueling your creativity is to know your personality type. Identifying personalities rely on three ‘super factors’ identified by the study: Plasticity, Divergence, and Convergence. Plasticity defines the extrovert personality, divergence defines the free thinkers and non-conformists, and convergence defines those who work precisely and persistently, respectively. Second step is to know your creative work process.


Next, you should also know your creative process; either Generation for coming up with new ideas, or Selection for narrowing down ideas to get to the best version of that idea. According to the study, those with high levels of plasticity and divergence favor the generation process due to their drive for new experiences, while those with high levels of convergence lean more towards the selection process.


Third step is to strengthen your weaker work process. Improve selection by investing more time in improving your craft, looking for constructive criticism, and starting a 365 project. Improve generation by capturing and collecting inspiration and ideas, limiting yourself or setting a deadline, and knowing what inspires you.


Hopefully, the brief look into how your personality works will help with how you work creatively and help bring balance to your generation and selection processes. Our dynamic monsters at MicroCreatives make sure to always have a balanced creativity and don’t compromise quality or quantity for the other by being able to create more work in a limited timeframe but also making sure that each work is done to the fullest creative potential.