#GetCrazy with #GoogleChrome

The browser Google Chrome has become a constant in our lives without even realizing it. Aside from other popular browsers such as Safari, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, and the now defunct Internet Explorer (read: age gap), Google’s baby sure has dominated the way that we go online. Apart from revolutionizing the way that we search, stream, download, and others, Google Chrome has taught us to become a better and funkier search user, using its various functionality options. Search tools, search optimization (coupled with Google Chrome’s ‘Google’ web search), advance search, quick video searching and streaming, (pressing “Tab” from the search bar after typing in www.youtube.com) filtered searches, or even skins and themes (may be changed by opening the browser and then the widgets), can all be done using the said browser.


But did you know that Google can do more than bookmark your favorite pages, save your searches, and pin your tabs so your browsing looks neat? (YES!) Here are some shortcuts and ‘secret’ functions that google can do for you.


  1. PUNCTUATIONS. Google Chrome and Google (www.google.com) can actually provide you with better search results using several accepted quotation and punctuation marks.


Several punctuation marks and combinations can help Google and Google Chrome provide better content for you. Putting them in the correct order, together with your desired “keywords” can actually help the browser and the search bar look for information faster and reliably. Here are some of them:


  • + = Use the addition sign to search for Google+ pages, or blood types, e.g. +AppleUSA, A+
  • @ = Use the at sign to find social tags
  • $ = Use the dollar sign to find prices, e.g. “Dress $70”
  • # = Use the Sharp to find popular hashtags for trending topics, e.g. #Sherlock, #221B


  1. VOICE SEARCH. Google has embedded a Siri-like functionality in its browser and its search bar. Whether through the computer or through the Google app (available on various platforms), the hands-free search is very much available. Just say “OK Google”, and the search will activate for you.
  1. PASSWORD SELECTOR. Through Google Chrome, users can actually generate great and random passwords that they can actually use for better security on their accounts. The feature, activated by the link: chrome://flags/#enable-password-generationis one of the better functions of Google that are actually overlooked. The said link will generate a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters along with a few digits, so that you may actually have passwords without even getting your knickers in a twist. Safe, and easy as pie!
  1. MUTE. Have you ever had this experience when you feel like a learned man and you use and open at least 37 tabs at once for a research paper? And then suddenly, when you’re plugging in your earbuds, you hear this annoying advertisement, which covers up your “I AM AMAZING PLAYLIST”, and you can’t even find the correct tab? Well, Google has made something that will surely save the day! Google’s browser bar can use the Audio muting for a certain tab – by pasting the link chrome://flags/#enable-tab-audio-muting. You will be able to check the source of the sound by looking for the sound icon, and you may be able to click it to silence the tab so that your playlist won’t be overlapped. Easy. Convenient. Bam.


These are just some of the Google Chrome functions that are lesser known by us, mortals – and there are a few more worth noting here and there. But we’re leaving it for you to discover – so go ahead! #GetCrazy with #GoogleChrome!