Giving Yourself a Creative Boost with Developer Know-How

A web designer and developer clearly have two separate and completely different tasks…right? Yes, definitely. Web designers are in charge of the visual aspect of a website, they’re the ones that decide on color schemes, fonts, positioning of elements and similar tasks. On the other hand, the web developer is responsible for the functionality and the technical side of the website — in short and simple terms, the person that makes sure everything is working. They are obviously both very different but in truth, knowing how to speak the basic language of web development can give you an edge and, make you an awesome website design guru in the eyes of your client!

If that doesn’t convince you to open a new tab and take a little look-see on how you can understand what developers do, here are other reasons why you really should:

  • Understanding how to code can give you that extra oomph(push/edge/advantage)! In this age of technology, learning the basics of programming is a definite plus and you will more likely be hired than someone who only has knowledge in design..
  • In case you’re working with a developer, it’s good to understand where he/she is coming from when certain elements of your design need to be adjusted or redesigned. It’s better to know what they’re talking about than arguing or just agreeing without any knowledge of how the technical side works.
  • Remember that there isn’t only one medium of communication involved here; there are two. Understanding how it all works will give a clearer idea about arranging important information and assemble them in a way that not only helps your client but also makes the user happy.
  • Being able to do more tasks means you have a higher degree of productivity and the more productivity means you will excel in your chosen field!

Programming and design are two functions on different hemispheres of the brain, but learning both can help you as a designer get past any obstacle, gain a whole lot of independence, and brownie points!