Harry Potter: The Legend Lives On…

Not everyone parodies the Government and gets away with it! …Unless its an iconic Harry Potter Ministry of Magic parody!

Who doesn’t know about the Ministry of Magic? Right? Right? Anyone, even a non-Harry Potter fan would know or would have heard of the British Ministry of Magic, the primary governing body of the magical community in Great Britain with the intention of preserving magical laws while connecting the British government to the wizarding world, or well, at least according to the Harry Potter series.


MoM Page image


But why was the Ministry brought up? Well, here’s where a muggle or a person who was born into a non-magical family and cannot perform any type of magic, comes in. Andy Brown, a muggle-born coder, and a fan of the Harry Potter series, created the fully working ‘Ministry of Magic’ website based on the books written by J.K. Rowling. The website brings a sense of reality and brings the fictional ministry to life through a fully functional website. After visiting the Ministry of Magic website, one would not think it was a parody of the Gov.uk website which was launched in 2012, Brown’s website has the same feel as a real website except it is adorned with images of actors portraying their Harry Potter movie roles, and of dragons, along with all the information and services of the Ministry in one place.


MoM Page 2 image


Most die-hard Harry Potter fanatics would love the website. It would make it seem like they really were reading official news from the Ministry through it. Although lacking the moving images sort of like the newspapers from the series, or as we muggles call them, “GIFs”, the website still packs a punch, and also pays homage to the author of the unforgettable Harry Potter series.


MoM Page 3 image


Were you hit by nostalgia just now?