Hone Your Writing Skills through a Fun 30-Day Challenge

We all love reading. And there is nothing comparable to being entranced by the words. Whether reading a book, studying a script, or even a simple review or essay, being under a fascinating content really make the little writer inside of us scream really loud saying “I wish I could write that!”


And just like what we’ve said before, “words have meanings.” And through that, a special connection happens between the writer and the reader as they begin to create a special universe based on the words shared and comprehended.


Great writers and other artists make it seem easy producing such masterpiece. But trying to do the same thing by ourselves seem to be not an easy stroll in the park.


Analyzing the problem, aspiring writers are beaten up by how intimidating writing can be. It is intimidating because it requires you to learn before coming up with a compelling copy. Things like audience analysis, plotting the benefit and experiences which can be read from our previous posts are essential yet can’t be obtained in a snap.


We’ve all heard it, and we know that sometimes “enjoying the process” does relatively give us the results or the improvement we wanted. Don’t fret; I’m sure those great artists have off days as well. And it took so much time, effort, and experience before their craft landed in front of us.


Let’s focus on the positive side of the situation. At least you are motivated enough to make yourself better. You have the drive to take the things that you love to do to another level. It is normal for us to get ourselves good at things.


Seeing the positive side of the challenge will make us deal with the challenge in a more optimistic and productive way. And maybe you’ll be surprised at how your content would end up.


Keeping the positivity in mind, let us give you a little motivation that will keep you moving on sharpening your writing skills. Below are famous quotes from books, movies, and influential people that we think can help you with your dilemma. So prepare your pens and notebooks, jot them down and be inspired.


“To make each day count.”

– Jack Dawson (Titanic, 1997)


From the iconic film, we will transpose this idea to our lives, or at least in 30 days. All around social media there is a trend regarding a 30-Day Challenge. It challenges people to do certain tasks for 30 days. Things like fitness, nutrition, and arts are used as an inspiration for the challenge.


Perhaps the real objective of it is to help people to commit to things that would make them better. Unfortunately, sometimes, a type of challenge like this only set people to fail or give up midway rather than learn from the activities.


To make it fun and holistic, why don’t you create your own writing challenge? Here’s an inspiration for coming up with your own 30-day writing challenge from Copyblogger.

First of all, create guidelines so that you’ll make sure that it is more of a fun play rather than a challenge to overcome.


Guidelines could be:

  • To have a prep period. For every 30-day challenge you need to have at least three days of preparation. From the materials you’ll need to the scheduling. Everything should be prepared. The worst thing that could happen after the 30th day is that you haven’t come up with anything due to procrastination.
  • There should be a no definitive result per day. Allow yourself to breathe in the challenge, you may do more on some days and less on the other. This is not letting yourself cheat, but more of letting yourself play the game on your own terms.
  • Create a start day.
  • Plot the challenges based on what you can do. It’s not a good idea to give yourself a challenge that no beginner can do.
  • For every end of a 30-day challenge, allow yourself to have a rest. Let all the things, experiences, and learning sink into you.

It is also necessary for you to choose the things that you should learn during the challenge. Here are some examples:

  • Creating better lines.
  • Lede improvement
  • Short stories
  • Compelling headline.

The good thing about creating your own project is that it is customized to what you wanted to do and learn. It also abides by your schedule; others like doing something every day as it empowers them and for some reason, others want a break at least a day a week.


Here are some examples of activities you can do in 30 days.


“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure which is: Try to please everybody.”

– Herbert B. Swope


Nobody can say this better than Swope himself. Having spent most of his life as a journalist at the New York World newspaper, it is safe to say that he has seen or perhaps wrote it all.


Truly, there is not a definite formula for success, but what we could do is to create routine and activities formulated to give us things that would lead us to success.


You can make a box full of topics or things that you could write about every day. The things that you write don’t have to be perfect – they are not for everyone to read. The purpose of this is that you spare at least a moment a day to write, and hopefully, it will become a habit of yours.


Along the process, you’ll discover better content structure and word play that will suit you most. Again, the important thing here is that you write.


“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

– Arthur Ashe


Artists work on their craft in their own unique way. And most of the time they only work with the resources provided to them. In your case as a student writer, what you have now is the essential things in writing: you and your device. You may not figure out yet what your writing personality is, but starting with where you are – which is your current state – could build and interesting foundation in your content. Then try writing about many topics with that personality in order for you to figure what tone is appropriate for you.


You may work with interesting people, people you know (friends and family), or maybe with a complete stranger. Asking them for things that they want you to write could provide a stimulating factor in the challenge.


E.g.: You are a fun and outgoing person and you’re still figuring out how you could create an interesting content. Let’s say that you assigned yourself on writing something related to finance. The disconnection between fun and outgoing can produce an interesting article that could possibly attract not only the financial savvy, but also people who aren’t into it, but are now engaged because of the way it is delivered.


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland


Find your own wonderland. From your everyday life, try to seek things that could make a good story. It doesn’t necessarily mean it should be done before breakfast. Again, the beauty of the challenge is that it works on your availability.


You can be inspired by everything. It can be about a dove you saw while running in the park, a mess in the kitchen, or things that you learned today. It is necessary to seek or at least recollect the things that happened to you.


Great writers learn from their experience, it provides substance to what they are writing thus giving them the capability to write a spellbinding story.


And to wrap it up, we are going to leave you with this quote from the well-known author:


“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”

– Stephen King


It is up to you where you want your writing to take you. This article doesn’t guarantee that after doing everything in 30 days you will be a superb writer with excellent writing skills. It is a special journey of every writer in figuring out their style and honing their skills.


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So have you tried any 30-day challenge? If not, try it and share your thoughts with us in the comments below!