How Beneficial are Websites to Startups?

As a new business, there’s a need to get the company name or brand out there and be known enough to generate sales. Every company wants to effectively reach out to their target audience and prospective clients. And in this day and age, a way to do that is by having an online presence. Businesses of all sizes mostly reach their prospects through their strong online presence – through their own websites.


Having a website is a startup’s first step to expanding its reach. Even if your startup business is initially aiming for local patronage, having a website is a sure way for your target audience to get to know about your company without having to go to them, or having them go to you. A website also establishes credibility. Where else can people find the most accurate information about your company other than your own website? Some small proprietors settle on having only a Facebook or an Instagram page, but a website is more formal and can contain everything people needs to know about your business.

What is a website for?

A website works as the company’s online identity that shows who they are, what it is exactly that they do or offer, while connecting the company to millions, even billions, of users all over the world.


If you already have an existing social media presence, you can use this to promote your website, grow your network, and advertise to the online community. Since a lot of people are online, digital presence can work the same or even better than traditional advertisements without having to break the bank.


What do you need to start a website for your startup?

A common and convenient way to build a website is through WordPress. It has a user-friendly platform and offers a lot of templates you can choose from. WordPress is a powerful website content management system (CMS) that’s among the easiest to use today. There’s also a relatively new platform called Webflow, which allows users to build dynamic, responsive websites even without knowledge of coding.


How can you make the most out of your website?

Ensure that your website’s layout is both aesthetically and functionally effective. Hire web designers that are knowledgeable in UI and UX and can creatively customize your website to stand out. Furthermore, even though you’re working on a CMS that’s easy to navigate and manage, nothing beats a website that is fully optimized to its full potential. You would need a skilled web developer to do this.


Search engines like Google increase websites’ online visibility, and for this, you need your website and web content to follow SEO standards. The web developer takes care of the website’s optimization, while a web content writer who’s knowledgeable in SEO writing can produce an engaging, organic content that will help your website rank higher in search engines.


Luckily, there’s a creative outsourcing agency in the Philippines that can help you build an optimized website. MicroCreatives is a team of designers, web developers, and copywriters ready to provide the all-around creative services you need to get your website up and running. We also offer motion graphics animation and video editing services for your video contents, such as instructional videos and flash or HTML5 ad banners.


Wrapping up!

There’s no need to exhaust all options just to get your business known. Ensure your online presence is at its peak and be prepared to do what it takes to get ahead of competition. Hire the right people to do the job, work with a credible team of creative professionals to optimize all functions of your website.