How Does One Maintain Creativity?

As creative talents and individuals, we all have those moments when we fear that it is our limit – the end of the line – when it comes to making up or coming up with something clever enough and quirky enough to be called ‘creative’. Our creative juices do not come as ‘bottomless’ drink offers nor does it come from all-in-one packets that you can purchase from an online store in wonderland (read: under-land, with stress on the U); it is something intangible. Creativity is and always will be a skill, a gift, and a wonder that we are entrusted to nurture and make use of, and that it, like any other skill unpracticed, can slip through our fingers. So, the question is – how do we stay creative?

Strictly speaking, we cannot really put our finger as to how to stay creative or how to keep those ideas coming in. We are all different – and with difference comes various ways of coping, just like the way we stay creative. These are just suggestions – but maybe, it might work for you, for your team, or for anyone else you know. Read along!

    1. PRACTICE. Ah, yes. This is the number one guaranteed way to stay creative. Practice your craft every so often. It may be a sketch, a draft, a miniscule drawing at the bottom of the page you’re currently reading, or even shopping – but when you love being creative and you love your job (the fact that you’re reading this one tells us that you are doing this for a living), practice it. Don’t just stay put and wait for the manna of creativity to fall upon you, and start doing something. Like the cliché saying, “Practice makes perfect,” so does creativity.
    2. SOCIALIZE. This may be hard for some people but hey, the art of socializing will bring you to ideas, thus refueling your machine with creative juices. Once you start socializing (e.g. talking to someone, reading feeds on social media sites, et. al.) you get to hear people speaking their minds and hearts out. No, the activity might not be about you and how you do things, but it will – yes, will – help you and your creative juices that are on the ‘almost empty’ levels.
    3. STROLL. Like socializing, strolling around brings you to places and gets you somewhat insightful about some things. Sometimes, just seeing the world and watching it go by will give you ideas and get you going.
    4. WATCH A MOVIE OR GO TO MUSEUMS AND GALLERIES. Watching a movie and going to a gallery have the same effect on your creativity. How? For one, going to either implies that you are ready to open up your mind and see the world from another human being’s eyes, and two, they both present you with screens and slides – pigments of ideas and points of interests for people who may have lived before you even are conceived. Both offer ideas, so make sure to pay attention because your next project might be right before your eyes.
    5. GO CRAZY AND GET WILD. The way of the creative is almost always different as compared to the way of a normal human being. Not to imply that a normal individual does not have creativity, and creative people are not people and are lunatics (although sometimes they are, in a good way), but this is one way as to how to stay creative. Thinking outside of the box, viewing it from a different perspective, or even (sometimes) breaking the rules, may bring you to being creative and staying creative. Remember when Pablo Picasso came up with his Les Demoiselles d’ Avignon? He broke the conventional Renaissance figures of women and made a breakthrough by using weird lines and figures. Now that painting became the first of its kind, all because of creating something unconventional. Why don’t you try it? That might be your debut – we never know.

There are many other ways as to how to stay creative, but it’s up to you – because as artists and creative talents, we draw crooked lines when we are required to draw straight, and we don’t (always) do what we’re told. And as said, what works for one might not work for another, and these are just friendly tips for all of us.