How to Get Creatively Motivated

It is very difficult to show enthusiasm in something that a person has been doing for a long time, especially when it requires a huge effort or is repetitive. As crazy as it may sound, losing interest in different activities is truly inevitable and people, at some point in their lives, will experience this irritating problem.


They cannot be blamed because we all live in a world that can be very demanding, where some tasks, have become more of an obligation instead of a form of relaxation. Since we are all duty-bound, we cannot simply do away with tasks because they still contribute to our future success even though they are stressful at a certain degree. Well, not everything is what it seems.


However, there are ways in which we could bring out our creative side to ease the pressure of each activity while we try to maintain its fulfilling aspect. These won’t only keep us going but will rekindle our level of curiosity and interest in everything that we do.

  • Clean your place – Sometimes organization is all you need to get motivated and stay focused on what you need to do. A work area where papers, pens, gadgets, photos, caricatures, etc., are organized usually give people the peace of mind that stimulates their imagination. It helps them think clearly unlike a place where things get lost in a sea of clutter and mess.
  • Set your goals and visualize them – When working on a project, always remember what you need in order to achieve it. Then, create a mental picture of its final output. This will give you an extra push whenever you feel like giving up.
  • Recite or write motivational words – If you feel nervous or if you think that fear is about to scare the hell out of you upon beginning an unfamiliar task, say words of encouragement like, “I can do this” or “Nothing can stop me.” You may also write, decorate, frame and hang them in your bedroom so you always see them and instantly get inspired. Sometimes, convincing yourself reduces worries.
  • Reward yourself – Each time you get a job well done, don’t forget to pamper or even reward yourself with the things that you need and want. There is nothing wrong with going on an out-of-town/the-country trip with the family or simply go to the mall with friends as long as it isn’t hard on the budget. Just think of what you could do and get after accomplishing a seemingly insurmountable job and you will be more than willing finish it.

Often times, only simple motivation techniques are needed to unleash your inner creativity to conquer challenging tasks. Just don’t forget to experiment and don’t give up so easily.