Illustration Trends to Look Forward to this 2020

We may be a few weeks into the brand new year, but that doesn’t mean keeping up with 2020’s illustration trends is no longer possible. Taking a few steps back to look through the previous year is an excellent way to catch some clues on what we can expect in the design industry this 2020 and beyond. Although following these trends is not imposed, having an idea could help artists and designers come up with more innovative outputs.


Flat and limited colors

Restriction is a good way to keep an idea focused on a certain work. This design tactic is also a direct application of having a “less is more” mindset. Moreover, reducing the color palette can add sophistication and class to any kind of illustration.


Interactive illustration through animation

With gaining the audience’s attention becoming more competitive, creatives are constantly thinking of various ways to catch their eyes. Works are now targeted to be more interactive to cater to the short attention span of people. A great example of this would be the wide use of GIFs. With technology playing a key role in the creative industry, it has undoubtedly enabled various ways to make illustrations a lot more interactive. Digital animation, for instance, has been playing an excellent role in engaging audiences to illustrations that offer a view of real-world environments through the arts.



Although digital illustrations continue to dominate the world of design, the longstanding presence of physical and traditional techniques continues to be an excellent counter-trend to the industry that has grown dependent on technology.


Body positivity

It is undeniable that the 2010s has moved on from an era of body shaming to promoting the acceptance and love of one’s physical appearance. Body positivity has become the perfect subject for illustrators to express views of our bodies in the wackiest and most wonderful ways. The same way that you do not have to force yourself to have a perfect body, illustrations show imperfect brush strokes, as well as playful caricatures to depict a deeper representation of celebrating one’s physical appearance.


Custom hand lettering

When images do not seem enough in employing an illustration style, lettering comes in to play. However, despite the numerous typefaces nowadays, custom hand lettering continues to trump over any other style when it comes to being able to magically blend styles into an image. Book covers exhibit this trend more commonly and is expected to become an even bigger trend this year.


Realism and details

Although minimalism continues to make waves today, the return of realism and detail into illustration is expected to become a huge trend this 2020. With gadgets that have high definition screens within reach and found within almost everyone’s pockets nowadays, more illustrators are starting to use more intricate designs knowing that the improvement in technology is now more likely to show the richness of an image. Having intricate designs in beautiful illustrations can also help products reach a new height of luxury.


Illustration in branding

It is undeniable that the business of illustration is continuously evolving and that it has even reached the level where it plays a much bigger role than photography. This is because the feel-good approach that illustrations give off helps brands breathe life into their stories in the most human way. Big brands have been showing their preference for illustrations in advertising their business more for the past years.


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Reference: Creative Bloq