How to Impress Your Customers with Online Photos

A study conducted by Microsoft in 2015 states that people’s attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds. The rate is much shorter than what a petty goldfish can give which is nine seconds. This diminishing number is the result of our highly congested digital lifestyle. This brings us to how brands can call their audience’s attention. The answer is to give them something visually appealing.


Images are a great tool to impress your customers. People no longer have enough time to read or sit through a long written content. Or if they do, it’s because a relevant and eye-catching image was used to get their attention, in addition to a catchy title. People also want straightforward content they can have at a speed of lightning. And since a picture is worth a thousand words, it’s an ideal way to get the message across in just one look. Good quality photos establish your brand at first glance and set everything into proper perspective.


Below are some of the ways you can impress your customers with your online photos.


Invest in HD

Photos that are pixelated and poor in quality don’t do anything but give your brand a bad rep. High-quality photos communicate better for brands with products and merchandise to sell. It gives a better view of the product plus the sharp and crisp quality of the photo makes your brand trustworthy and professional.


Style the Shoot

The beauty in photos posted online is a product of the creative minds brainstorming on how the photos will look like. Think of how you want your product to be showcased. Explore angles that will feature its best attributions. Incorporate other elements that will play with the theme to create a dynamic image. Going through what your photo would look like lessens the time you’ll spend on editing the image and will speed up the process of getting the photo online.


Improve Visual Scope

Give your audience a chance to have a closer look at the photo. Having the option to zoom in gives them assurance of what they’re getting. It also improves the user experience as many things can be done with the photo.


Optimize the Photo

Apart from text and videos, images can be optimized as well.  No one can appreciate your images if it is not visible online. Getting your image a high ranking by adding metadata can increase the traffic to your website and social media pages. Constant sightings of your photo in search engines will make your brand appear legit and significant.


Make It Relevant

Yes, you’ve used a great photo that is thought-provoking and eye-catching. But if the image is a complete disconnect to the rest of the content, then what you’re just doing is increasing your bounce rates. What happens after the impression should never be compromised. Give your audience what they are looking for and not create a clickbait scheme. Impressing them the first time is one thing, the next step of the process is a different story. We grab their attention so they keep on coming back for more and not just to view your page for a small amount of time.



Promoting your business and brand online needs effort and planning. Creative agencies like MicroCreatives offer a helping hand to businesses and brands in need of high-quality images and design that will captivate their audience. We’ll aid you in achieving that perfect image to digitally represent your brand. Make sure to request a quote and we’ll guide you all the way.