Improving content by going beyond words

content is king


When you think about content, it’s common to immediately associate it with just the copy or the written content. Before, it wasn’t as hard to get someone’s attention or to keep attention long enough to actually leave a good impression. An engaging copy was enough. Nowadays, the audience is too quick to move on especially when the content is lacking something. Websites and blogs need to go beyond copy to captivate and persuade their readers.


Get your copy right but don’t just stop there. A high quality copy is still essential, but it’s also best to branch out and look into adding supporting images or even a video to your content.


You can try websites like Pixabay or Mightydeals for both free and paid assets. For videos, on the other hand, you can try creating your own videos to add a personal touch. Make video production less intimidating through a free stock footage website like Videezy. You can also pay to have a voice over artist provide narration for your work through, or use Place it, if you need to show how a certain application works by providing a recorded and embedded screencap.


Even if you have applied all the best practices for the best quality content, it’s also still natural to feel pressured, as “we are trapped in a cycle of content escalation,” as Paul Boag calls it. “The better the content we create the higher expectations users have…” It’s an almost never-ending cycle; but no need to fret since there are emerging tools that will certainly make things easier.


On top of tools, make the most of your content by employing assistance from the experts. An agency like MicroCreatives can help with the overall creative needs of your business – print or digital. MicroCreatives offers copywriting, design, web development, and video services. Contact us for more details.