INFOGRAPHIC: Graphic Design Terms Commonly Misused By Beginners

Type or font face? Background or backdrop? Hue or color? Think these terms are the same, or interchangeable? Think again. Beginners and novice creatives often misuse a number of graphic design terms, especially the simple ones. Most of these terms are used interchangeably, thus most of us think one also means the other. But in graphic design, that is not the case.


Correct and proper use of graphic design terms make communication unsurprisingly easier, such as giving and clarifying instructions, which make the process more effective and less room for errors.


Creative hotspot, ThinkDesign, created a quirky infographic illustrating 14 commonly misused terms in graphic design. Along with the terms are their meanings and correct use, making the infographic useful not only for newbie graphic designers and other creatives, but also for other people we might work with such as marketers and the clients.


misused graphic design terms

Image via ThinkDesign

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