INFOGRAPHIC: How to Decrease Loading Time in 9 Ways

In an era where things go in warp speed, technology is one of the things that provide us the luxury of promptness: where information can be searched for in an instant. And websites with slow loading time are unacceptable to many. In consensus, web pages that take over more than three seconds to load risk losing 40% of potential visitors who will opt to abandon and increase chances of not returning to your site.


Not only an improved page loading time will increase conversion rate, it increases ranking factor on Google and undoubtedly provides good user experience.


There are several factors that can affect your website’s loading time: animations, external applications, high quality images, slideshows, and videos. But that doesn’t automatically mean that these web features should be avoided.


But fret not, as this infographic made by tech entrepreneur Hammad Akbar illustrates, there are several ways on how to enhance loading time, with the use of CSS3 and HTML5, less Javascript use, and smaller images.


9 Tips to Decrease Page Load Time #Infographicvia Visualistan


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