Infographic: The Psychology of a Brand’s Design Elements

A brand’s identity has a lot to do more than its product and services. A logo’s impact (or lack thereof) has a profound effect to the message the company wants to convey to the consumers. An incredible amount of attention to detail goes into the concept and elements that comprise a logo design. So much so that even the shapes, colors, and typeface used in a creating a logo have a significant influence to how the consumer will perceive – and even feel – about the brand.


Colourfast, a printing shop, made an infographic to help understand the psychology behind the design elements in creating a logo.


When it comes to shapes, circles, ovals, and ellipses suggest a positive, emotional message; whereas squares and triangles convey strength, professionalism, and efficiency. Colors are also very powerful when it comes to determining consumer behavior whether or not they will avail of the product. But besides being visually pleasing, the colors are also relevant in the kind of product being offered.


See infographic below.