INFOGRAPHIC: The Success of the World’s Oldest Brands

What makes a brand work? But more importantly, what makes it stick around for a long time – centuries, even? There are a number of businesses around the world that have successfully sustained their relevance for several generations, different eras, and have adapted to the changing times, sometimes even becoming a part of culture themselves.


While there’s no exact formula to ensure this magnitude and length of staying power, there are inarguably key elements that help in establishing a brand and keeping it relevant. It also goes across different business industries, including us at MicroCreatives, that it goes without saying that we put a premium in our customer’s trust. And it’s not only on earning it, but keeping it. Also important is to create a healthy, creative working environment among employees, as well as giving back to the community.


Financial protection insurers Unum created an infographic that shows the secrets of success of some of the world’s oldest brands. For startups and even tenured businesses, this might provide a valuable insight.


Infographic on the oldest succesful brands in the world

Via Unum. Click image to view larger version.