It’s Fruitastic Baby!

Remember a time where you waited by your door for the postman to arrive –anticipating a letter or correspondence of some sorts? We now rarely see Mr. Postman for we now have Twitter, status updates and SMS.

In this day of electronic mail and real time correspondence, does anyone still write using a pen – thoughtfully putting words on a piece of paper? (Hello snail mail!) One would think that the pen and paper combo is now obsolete. Like, nobody writes letters anymore. Hand-written letters are now a thing of the past. Long-hand writing –what’s that? Or yet in other cases, we’d think that receiving mail would mean receiving those darn, dastardly bills-yikes!

Things are now about to change as paper goods company Amazepaper came up with a series of delightful fruit-themed letters sets that are sure to bring a smile to any recipient’s face.

Assorted Fruit-Themed Letter Sets Header


Called ‘Juicy Mail’, the collection is made up of four wonderful cards and envelopes that can be opened in unique ways according to the fruit they represent – an apple, a banana, an orange and a watermelon. One simply “peels” or “slices” the envelopes to get to the cards tucked inside.


Fun and functional, these decorative letter sets might just encourage more people to pen handwritten letters to one another.

Banana Letter Set Image


Ohhh banana!

You’ve got such a-‘peel’!

Apple Letter Set image

An apple a day…

…drives the loneliness away.

Orange Letter Set Image

Orange you glad you heard from me today?

Watermelon Letter Set Image


Watermelons are da bomb!