It’s That Thing Called Branding

Branding is a tricky idea to work in a marketing campaign. Doing it right, however, will put a personality to the business, which can make customers like what product or service is being offered to them. But how does one start off creating a brand that customers will relate to? One must be witty and relevant to the majority of the consuming public. The caveat of this strategy, though, is that such an image does not strictly apply to all businesses. An information technology firm, for instance, cannot use an informal tone when creating ads and copy materials. This situation makes it important to heed certain rules on creating a brand.


The First Rule: Know the Audience.


A business that carries on advertising without investigating what customers might like to see is wasting its time and resources. One must perform thorough market research to determine what attracts the attention of the target consumers. Doing so lets a company create an efficient program in making people curious about their goods and services, which can translate into generating leads.


The Second Rule: Be Unique.


What quality sets a product apart from the rest of the competition? Answering this question will help to create an image that will make a business stand out from others in the same category. One will see this in the way Apple represents itself – exclusive and innovative with a classy look. It markets its gadgets on this premise, which makes it attract and retain its customer base.


The Third Rule: Be Passionate.


A brand works better if those using it are dedicated in finding more ways to fine-tune it. This involves fleshing out the brand with creative means. A tried-and-tested method only works the first three times; throwing in a new facet to the brand can make it dynamic and even more interesting for customers.


The Fourth Rule: Consistency is Important.


A lack of consistency in the image being put forward to customers can turn them off in the end. To avoid such a scenario, a business must stick to the general vision of what a product should be to keep its customers loyal to the brand. One example of how consistency works is Coca Cola. The company stuck to its goal ‘to bring happiness’. This allowed the soda drink to become associated with informal parties and casual dinners with the family.


The Fifth Rule: Be Exposed. Often.


Keeping in touch with a customer base enables a business to be instantly recalled every time a customer reads or hears about it. This makes it important to continue making the brand known through certain tactics such as discounts, new commercials, or even an active social media presence. This allows a brand to stay current to its target audience.