Oldy but Goody! Say Hello to the Newly Improved Jewish Museum’s Visual Identity

Blast from the past, only this time, renewed and rebranded.

For the first time in what seems like forever, the Jewish Museum in New York finally underwent major identity revamp.  Conceptualized, created, and designed by the renowned design studio team of Sagmeister and Walsh, the new and improved identity is said to be based on “sacred geometry,” a crossover of three major inspirations such as Star of David, Flower of Life, and Metraton’s Cube.

The geometrical approach of the aforementioned three inspirations goes on to show the belief that God created the universe according to a geometric plan.  And this geometric plan is evident in all of the paraphernalia – from the font down to the marketing collaterals.

jewish museum


jewish museum collaterals

Referring to grid-like structures, the team utilized the Aperçu font, emitting an ancient vibe, and combined it with a brilliant blue color, which is inspired by Tekhelet (a dye mentioned in the Hebrew bible) which in turn, is a significant shade in the Jewish culture. To give off a modernized and youthful effect, a neon red and orange color was added.

Bridging the gap between the historic aura and contemporary times, the team took pains in revamping the museum’s website, with an end in mind to make netizen’s experience go from “oooohhh” to “woaaaahhh” with its quirky and layout and responsive feel. It also allows browsers save museum events and items and share it via social media. Expect the new website to take you virtually into places and things, having had to showcase 3,000 objects from its collection this June.

In addition to the website, the team also made a processing app, turning a photo or webcam stream into a Jewish Museum illustration.

Truly a crossover from the ancient to modern vibe, now, do you feel like taking a trip down the museum?