Kung Fu the Conventional Away: A Lesson in Creative Workspaces

One’s environment can influence how one’s ideas flow. Perhaps that’s why the cool kids from Yiu Studio decided to decorate their office with a mural that speaks about their design philosophy.

Armed with black and gold paint, the designers made a stunning mural that featured images commonly seen in Chinese aesthetics (water dragons) as well as a Bruce Lee quote that says, “Formless, Shapeless Like Water.” This quote reminds designers to be flexible when it comes to conceptualizing their designs.

Scroll down and see the how the artists designed their office:




microcreatives_entry_creativeworkspace04.jpgThere are many companies that have offices that don’t follow the conventional black and white type of workspaces. In fact, some of the world’s largest companies like Google and Facebook have fun workspaces that are famous for their laidback environment and modern designs. When it comes to designing your own workspace, try to spin it up with a creative and efficient design that cultivates your creative energies.

Things to Keep in Mind When Designing a Workstation:

For most people, working at an office can result to strains caused by poor workstation set-ups. Consider the height of your chair and your desk setting up your workstation. Make sure that you have ample back support and leg room, and also see to it that your body is not strained by sitting on your workstation for long hours.

When it comes to boosting your creativity, a little blotch of color or a touch of personality wouldn’t hurt. Some offices brag about having foosball tables in their offices, and some even have televisions. Make sure that if there are distractions, they don’t take you away from doing your work.

Like the guys from Yiu Studio, it’s also advisable to remind yourself and your co-workers of what your work stands for. Most offices like posting signs or inspirational quotes on the walls. Others like to create murals. Whatever your work stands for, it’s nice to reflect it in your environment.

How about you? How did you design your workstation?