Let’s Get Physical: How to Move Your Reader Like a Marionette

Glenn Fisher, a professional copywriter and founder of AllGoodCopy.com, shares an interesting trick that all copywriters need to know.

Are you familiar with that feeling you get while reading something and you agree- even nodding your head as if the writer can see you? You even smile and think, “yes, I thought that too!”

Have you ever felt that? You do sometimes, right?

You agree with what the author wrote that your body does an involuntary action to signify your agreement. Some of you might even be nodding right now, saying “yeah, I’ve felt that too,” to yourself.

Marionette Reader image

This particular experience is useful- if you can get readers to agree with what you say on your copy, it will be even easier to convince them when it comes to your sales pitch.

It’s not that difficult. If you agree with one point an author made, more often than not you’d also agree with other things that he says. Don’t you think so?

Kidding aside, this idea can help you come up with a good copy. Whenever you write a copy, include something that a lot of people can relate to- like pretending to text someone when you are bored at a gathering, or how nice it is to spend time just goofing off with your friends. Include something that will eventually get your readers to start nodding in agreement.

Sometimes your comments don’t even need to be relevant to the copy, as long as you get the reader to agree with you. Aim for a physical reaction, even an actual nod if you can.

Getting the Nod

Choose something that the reader can and will relate to- an accepted truth such as “2+2= 4” is ideal.

Should you decided to choose something a little obscure, it will be more effective since when the reader relates to it, it will be in a deeper way. A nod is almost a 100% guaranteed.

When you test this out on yourself, try out different scenarios and practice with your coworkers or family members.

Once you find something that people agree with, you’re halfway there. In order to give yourself a better chance of getting a nod from a reader, a prompt is required.

Asking “Do you do that too?” will prompt the reader to do something that will indicate their agreement- not exactly talking out loud but something subtler like nodding.

Congratulations- you now know the secret to getting an unconscious physical reaction from the reader that will help them consider buying your products.

Keep in mind that the agreement doesn’t need to be about the product or service that you are offering- the focus is on the reader and you getting them to agree with your point.