Let’s Not Complicate It: Coding a Web Interface Made Simple

It’s up to the web developer to build and update sites online, their task may sound easy but it’s nowhere near it. For a beginner being familiar with basic HTML and CSS can be difficult and a bit confusing, it’s like learning a new language for the first time. Those who are more advanced, need to speed up and make the task easier that way they can move on to other areas of the project. Take a look at some of the pointers below that might help in fix your website codes.


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  • Simplify your code. – We all have a tendency of over doing things, in this case, too many codes which end up confusing at some point. So instead of sitting around trying to figure out what you were trying to achieve with all the divs on your website why don’t you clean it up a little? And remember #w, .c and .tag are your friends.
  • Test on all browsers known to man. – It’s easy to forget to check your work in different browsers especially when it’s crunch time. But it should be done, unless you want your styles and divs in a mess when your client views on different browser.
  • Code check! – Clean up your codes specially your CSS, there are a lot of sites that can help you keep your site error free. Not doing a simple code check might cause in more revisions and more wasted time

Three basic but neglected points that might be able to help you remove the clutter from your websites. Believe me, it’ll eventually pay off in the end when everything is up and running.

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