Life Lessons From A Father To His Son, Shown Through Illustrations

We learn life lessons through our every day experiences. Some of them are influenced by your classmates, teachers, friends, workmates, bosses, and even from those random people you get to interact with at any point in time. Most of the time, however, the lessons we will always have with us are the lessons imparted by our parents. Since they are the ones that raised us, taught us things, and guided us until we’re old enough to decide on our own, their teachings are the things that are etched the deepest in our minds, our ways, and our behavior when facing life struggles and challenges.

What are the life lessons your parents taught you? Will you share those to your children too?

Nathan W. Pyle, a Buzzfeed writer and artist, have answers to these questions. He shared his father’s life lessons through illustrations. Here are some of them:

life lessons through illustrations

life lessons through illustrations

life lessons through illustrations


Since we now live in a modern era where almost everything can be found online, and almost everyone are online, sharing the things you want people to see, read, and learn from could be best done in the world wide web. Where else, right? And doing it so with graphic illustrations to tickle the senses the grab attention is a good way of doing it.

Good graphic designs and illustrations attract the eyes which will then lead people to get curious of what that illustration is about. Things will lead to another and end up your message getting through your audiences. With the fast pace environment we circle around these days, people wanted to connect to more people, get in touch with a lot of things, but pays little to no time to things that they don’t see interesting.

Look at the pictures above, read the words. Do you think you will stop to read those had you seen them plainly typed in someone’s feed or timeline? I don’t think so. But since there are now photos to accompany those words, they catch more attention and get more interesting.

The next time you want something read or given attention to by the browsing public, make sure it has a good illustration as a backdrop.