Logo Design Trends this 2020

With the start of a brand new year is the rise of a brand new set of trends. Learning about 2020’s logo design trends is just as exciting as looking forward to any other trend there is. While these fast-changing ideas play a huge role in shaping designs, they are not strictly followed, rather they are to inform us to help in the generation of brand new ideas.


Having a deeper understanding of the upcoming trends will not only prove your capability to keep up with the changing demands of people, it is also a chance for creatives to show their capabilities when it comes to creating greater quality logos for their clients. This list of logo trends serves as a run-through of what is expected to shape the logo design industry this year and beyond.



With minimalism going strong in the design industry, even logos are not an exception. A number of logos now employ the use of clean and minimal san serif typefaces to exhibit simplicity.


Geometric Icons and Letters

The use of low-poly style sophisticated geometric mosaics for logos will be impossible to miss, as geometric type logos will continue to dominate this year. As brands continue to become more competitive, logo designers are faced with a bigger challenge to come up with stunning and effective logos. And when deciding whether a geometry focused or purely text logo would suffice, combining both into an original and creatively thought of output will make waves in 2020.


Unique Typefaces

In an attempt to have an image unique to their brand, brand new and unique fonts for logos are expected to be used this year through experimenting by mixing new fonts with already familiar ones.


Neon Colors and Gradients

Color gradients, as well as neon shades, are considered as an excellent way of adding character to conventional and seemingly simple logo designs. The combination of colors creates a surprisingly modern twist to simple logo designs.


Overlapping or Multi-layered

A simple trick to make this daring move when creating a logo is to keep your logo easy to perceive for a more solid appeal to the audience.



The use of the asymmetrical arrangement in logos will definitely be an interesting way of capturing the viewer’s eye.



Emblems have always been an intricate and sophisticated form of logo, however, with the continued influence of minimalism, logos that employ this style are expected to tone down a notch lower in an attempt to become more visually friendly.


Text Destruction

Text destruction aims to create visual riddles. Using vague lines, fading colors, as well as missing letters, will intrigue viewers with this witty idea.


Straight Lines

Not only providing logos an edge, the use of straight lines is also an excellent way of modernizing logos while also making them trendy and classy.


Lowercase Letters

The use of all-caps is fading in the background as several brands are starting to rebrand and have chosen to employ lowercase letters for their logos.


Single Color

This daring trend to use a single color and negative space is an interesting thing to watch out for as it is an exciting challenge to any logo designer.


Mascots and Characters

Having a mascot is one of the best ways to give a brand a personality. With characters representing brands and even becoming logos, an even stronger connection between brands and viewers is established.


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Reference: JUST Creative