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Designers know that one of their hardest tasks is maintaining a thriving pool of clients. Preston D. Lee, a web designer, entrepreneur, and the founder of the blog Design Blender, gives suggestions on how to find new design clients, the pros and cons of each technique, and additional tips.


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1. Word of Mouth Marketing

This is by far the most favored technique of getting more clients. Social media and a designer’s online presence can also contribute greatly to the “word of mouth” method. People either talking or typing can contribute to word of mouth marketing,

Word of mouth is also reliable since who else can let clients know how good your services are? An even better form of this method is word of mouth from very contented clients. Make sure you always do your best for every project and the rest will come easily!


2. Knocking Doors/ Cold Calling

This method comes in second place. Cold-calling or knocking doors can be made up of different techniques such as:

  • Sending emails to a business
  • Personally knocking on someone’s door
  • Getting in touch with a business via social media
  • Talking to a business via the telephone
  • Having a face-to-face conversation with a business owner

Get in touch with small/medium businesses in the immediate area and get in touch with the owners. This method may not always work, but most clients value perseverance in designers!


3. Taking Part in Forums

It is always good to create a network by looking for a good community with a lot of other professionals who can provide you with a design job.


4. Design Contests / Freelancing Sites

Contests and freelancing can help you get started when it comes to newer clients. Pay may not always be guaranteed but exposure will help you net more potential clients.


5. Miscellaneous

There are even more ways to find new design clients. Other suggestions included were local print advertising, job-searching through classified listings, and various other methods.

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