Major Brand Logos that were Redesigned in 2019

Other than trends, there’s one more thing that keeps us sitting at the edge of our chairs once the new year starts. It’s looking through all the big-named companies that took a leap and redesigned their logo in the year that has just passed. Common with businesses aiming to establish a brand new image or to simply update what they already have, logo redesigning is a make or break move that calls for a lot of planning. Have you noticed any well-known brands change their logo recently? See if it’s included in our list of logo redesigns of 2019.



The popular financial service provider gave its logo a change that may seem subtle but is actually full of impact. The yellow flop on the letter ‘v’ has been removed along with the change to the color scheme. From faded blue, the company took on dark blue to give an air of freshness and to add a zing of sparkle to its previous image. More than updating their image, redesigning the logo was the company’s strategic move alongside their adoption of a new tagline.

Old Visa Logo

New Visa Logo


Pizza Hut

The giant pizza fast-food chain has undoubtedly made a bold move with the reveal of its new logo in 2019. With a dramatic change that showed not just a shift in color but a change in shape as well, the company eyes to put more emphasis on its other offerings other than pizza, and in this case, it’s sausages.

Old Pizza Hut Logo

New Pizza Hut Logo


The automotive company said goodbye to having their shiny symbol on the company logo last year. Now with a flatter design, the new logo shows the brand’s sized down symbol through a red square coupled with a black typeface. The change is being in a positive way of attracting the viewers’ eyes to notice the company name at first glance.

Old Toyota Logo

New Toyota Logo


The fast-fashion company did not fall behind when it comes to redesigning their logo. Shifting from the spaced-out logo, the appearance of tightly kerned, overlapped letters was definitely a great contrast to its initial design. Although this change has received criticism, it is also worth noting that the brand retaining its original font upholds its choice of not joining the status quo of using a sans-serif font.

Old Zara Logo

New Zara Logo

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