Major Brand Logos Redesigned for 2013

As the year came to a close, it’s almost inevitable not to turn back and look at what the past year had to offer. We’re here to review some of the most iconic brand’s logo changes in 2013.

Has your favorite brand’s logo changed this past 2013? Well it isn’t the only one. The past 2013 celebrated utmost creativity and artistic discovery at its finest as some of the top brands revamped their logo styles to fit a more current look through simple or for some, dramatic makeovers.While some makeovers received positive reviews, some brands received attention for other reasons. It is a known fact that it’s hard to even think of changing a well-known brand’s logo. It takes a lot of consideration to change the very foundation of the brand’s recognition. But over the years, some of the brands have changed and are constantly changing through small yet significant adjustments.

Among the logos that were modified include:

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox Logo Makeover Image

Firefox’s logo redesign came in by midyear of 2013, it now includes softer gradients with a bit of the “earth” color and gloss reduced to a more subtle and flat style.


Google Logo Makeover Image

Google’s logo changed to include a more refined color palette and small letter shape alterations. It is also seen sporting the flat style trend.


Wendy's Logo Makeover Image

The Wendy’s logo received quite a feedback after launching its long (almost 30 years) overdue logo redesign. The fast food restaurant’s logo made use of a simpler yet playful style which even shows a more grown-up and mature “Wendy”. But the logo got more talked about not because of the redesign but due to the rumored “subliminal or hidden message” the logo is said to depict. According to many, the word “MOM” can be seen on Wendy’s collar. However, Wendy’s Senior Vice President for Communications, Denny Lynch, stated that, the hidden message was purely unintentional. Intentional or unintentional, with all the hype the brand is getting, Wendy’s must be happy to get all of the attention.


Now, let’s all welcome the 2014 with a bang! Whether it’s good or bad, trendy or untrendy, as with anything, the only thing constant in the world is change, and same goes for brand logos.

Learn to accept the inevitable!