Making A Good Web Impression Last: Redesign Your Website

What makes a good website?

This is the first question you should always consider when thinking about web design.

A good web design is generally concerned  with visuals and aesthetics. But, why should you or your company consider these elements, if your main goal for putting up a website is purely business?

Think of it this way. If your website has a  complicated design with a rainbow palette, sparkling animation and very little “white” space, no matter how  evenly distributed everything is, because of  too much content and large graphics, you’re, ultimately doomed.

No matter how small or big your name is in the industry a bad website may have an adverse impact on your brand image and company growth.  Your web design should mature along with the trends and your brand identity. Give your users an unforgettable online brand experience that will stick with them for the right reasons and give your company a stronger web presence and web traffic that deserves a good ranking on all search engines.

Having an outdated website can result to losing a bulk of your audience and more importantly – your website’s traffic will decrease. Prepare yourself, once your analytics tool shows a high amount of website traffic, this may only mean you are the talk of the town and a comic yet to be recognized by 2.3 billion internet users across the globe, some of whom are already sharing your web page.

Now, that is a walk of shame which may possibly lead your business to its curtain call minus the ovation.  Don’t wait for the worse before redesigning your website, open that browser and begin your research. Look for the latest website trends. Look through design websites you’ll probably find a-top 10 best website designs of the year-entry.

Redesigning your website may actually be the up kick of your web traffic, and ultimately a growing market segment. Most of the time, websites are redesigned every 13 to 24 months, according to SEO.COM. This statistic is according to marketing professionals who are concerned about competition, branding or positioning, lead generation or sales, and upholding the general rule of marketing that the CUSTOMER IS KING.

Yes, the customer is king. You and all the stakeholders of your company will never be the key factor in generating traffic for your website. Your clients are. Losing site traffic is an indication that your site’s major players want something else, so they opt for a competing brand because it’s fresh.

If you’re thinking about redesigning your website, here are a few things to consider:

  • Rebranding
    Take a look at your band and identity and ask yourself if you need to change it up.
  • Usability
    Is your website user friendly? Does your audience know where to go when they are looking for something specific? Or do they have to go through a big pile of design clutter?
  • Using Current Web Trends
    Research or better yet ask your programmer about the latest programming tactics.
  • Updating company information
    Be sure your information is updated, you wouldn’t want your clients standing outside the wrong building, would you?
  • Content and Graphics
    Communication is the key, make sure your design and content say exactly what you want to say to your audience.
  • New Products or Services
    Do you have anything new? Having new products or services is the best time to give your website a makeover!

Your website is your personal avenue to communicate with your clients, so take advantage of it. Besides, the website is up for your clients and potential clients if they find it difficult to navigate through your website, tire them of scrolling down a page, or annoy them because it’s out-dated, it’s time to redesign.

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