Making Impact with Words

With all the information available online, how can you set your content apart? With so much content using the thought leadership approach, how can you make sure readers value what you have to say?


First thing you have to do when writing with power and authority is to avoid getting intimidated. If you feel like there are more experienced writers whose pieces of advice seem more valuable than yours, treat that as a challenge and motivation instead of a reason to give up. But how exactly can we make impact using words?


Since writers can’t shout for emphasis, the only way for us to be noticed is to make our writing more influential and written with authority. Words are powerful – they can inspire to take action and evoke certain emotions. Use these to your advantage. Copyblogger tells us how:


Clear and Direct to the Point

Write in a clear voice and be direct to the point, but with enough substance. Writing with substance does not always mean writing longer articles. Sometimes longer articles themselves can have superfluous words but still lack the needed substance, unlike some articles which have been written thoughtfully, capturing the reader’s attention while providing just the right amount of information. A smart way to add substance to any type of writing include:

  • Having a clear purpose for each piece of writing – think of how you can help your readers
  • Creating a list and mind map of the things you’d like your article to have
  • Looking back and reviewing all your ideas is also good to get rid of any irrelevant ideas
  • Revisiting your content’s purpose/rethinking your purpose – ensure your content delivers the information needed.


Write with Authority

Apply content tricks to ‘boost your authority’. Don’t panic; at first, writing an article based on a narrow topic can be quite scary or intimidating. Tricks to write authoritatively include:

  • Using specific examples
  • Adding compelling statistics
  • Supporting your ideas with quotes from experts


Write with Power

Let your words reflect your ‘power’. No one wants to read something that’s written with no personality or conviction. Be sure to reflect a dominant personality when writing since “powerful writing inspires readers to take action”.


Lastly, never doubt your skills! Writing well is one thing, and having confidence is another. Just keep on writing until you make impact. The more you write, the more you learn, and the more confident you get. Let your audience know that YOU have a voice powerful and valuable enough to be shared, so take the first step!