Methods to Get Your Readers Hooked

It isn’t easy to both hook readers and make them stay long enough to actually read what you want to say. One way to make the odds work for you is by using the most attention-grabbing method that pulls the readers and forces them to stay. That is by sparking their curiosity just enough. Below are three methods on how you can get your readers hooked by just the first sentence.


Telling a story through ‘demonstration’

Unlike speakers who can do a demonstration in front of an audience, writers get the shorter end of the stick since they can’t stand in front and make a presentation. But you can also apply this trick. Present information as if the audience is watching, so be sure to do something that will leave them wanting more. This method is like making your readers imagine a scenario where they are to do an action, then you describe that action or demonstrate/write creatively the process like an instruction.


Seeing the advantage of case studies

The thought behind a case study is to basically analyze what made something work (or not work). It details a specific situation and leaves the readers curious how a successful or unsuccessful scenario turned out the way it did. Get the readers hooked by opening your sentence with “did you know?” or “things were not the way they were before,” or something similar.


Presenting an opposite stance

It’s good to know how to argue or answer when presented an argument that go against your own headline or thought. Looking at your piece from an opposing stance is different and might be unexpected, but in turn captivates your readers more. If you’re writing about how you can accomplish more in a short while, you can first debunk the myth of multitasking. Tell your readers the truth about multitasking that it doesn’t work all the time, and a person who multitasks to complete everything at the same time can actually end up accomplishing nothing or doing everything half-baked. Then, proceed to telling your readers why prioritizing and focusing on one task at a time make wonders when on a tight deadline.


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