Offshore Outsourcing is a Lot Like Getting Married

Business process and creative process outsourcing, mostly offshore, have both become the norm in recent years. Most industries have outsourced tasks of varying capacities. Delegating business and creative tasks to a third-party provider or outsourcing company potentially cuts down both operational and management costs, while the company is able to focus more of their own time and energy on functions that need more attention.


Offshore outsourcing is like getting married in the sense that in both scenarios, you are committing to a relationship. Similarities between the two also mostly entail taking the much needed time to find the right partner, get to know each other, and communicate effectively to strengthen the relationship between parties, to name a few.


Specifically, can you think of the characteristics of offshore outsourcing that are a lot like getting married? Take a look at the list below to learn how outsourcing is like marriage!



With marriage and outsourcing, adaptability plays an important role. It proves you have the ability to adjust and change according to any situation you may face. Both parties should always be ready for the unexpected. This is significantly important for offshore outsourcing; both parties will tend to be in different time zones and are exposed to different cultures, and each should understand that those factors can entail some limitations.



In the case of business partnership between client and outsourcing company, attraction happens when the client chooses the outsourcing partner that they think will be the right match for them. The usual bases are credibility, impressive portfolio, expertise, benefits, and ethical workers.



In business, it is inevitable to encounter problems, especially when working on new projects. Both the client and the outsourcing partner should be committed enough to each other and the project and be driven to help each other to find the perfect solution to any given situation.



Good communication between all involved parties ensures better understanding. Effective communication is essential to make any relationship work. Being open and being able to effectively share thoughts can work wonders. It’s more than the occasional email or Skype message; you should take time to ensure that both parties understand what is needed and respond kind enough to make your partner know what you’re looking for, and vice versa. Ensure both parties are on the same page.



Being able to own up to something and accept mistakes works both in marriage and in business partnership. There are bound to be mistakes along the way. Be intelligent enough to accept your own mistakes and treat them as experiences to learn from so as not to fall into the same trap or not do the same mistake again.

Goal Setting

Couples and business partners set goals so expectations are met and also to prevent disappointment in the event high expectations aren’t met. Both marriage and business partnership need to identify short-term and long-term goals. Understanding the inherent value of setting goals can help with steering the business to the right direction by setting just the right goals while mapping out the most effective ways to achieve them.



Nothing beats honesty between a married couple and between business partners. It’s an important virtue that develops, builds, and maintains healthy relationships. Honesty gives a sense of security. A client will never go with an outsourcing company that seems to be full of false promises when it comes to their offered services.



Loyalty shows how you’re faithful and committed enough to believe in your partner. Loyalty can be typically shown through hard effort and occasional sacrifices to let the client know that they are the top priority at all times.



Trust should be the foundation of every relationship. In business, there’s no way an outsourcing company can just say “leave it to me” or “trust me” to a prospective client without having to first prove their worth or without providing a clear explanation why they should be picked over another. Sadly, there’s no falling in love when it comes to business, so outsourcing companies put their best foot forward and let the prospective client know that they’re the right choice. Know how to handle sensitive information with respect and confidentiality and as you work together, trust is gained and developed through time. Moreover, trust is especially important for offshore outsourcing. Since the client won’t be physically there to oversee the project, the outsourced team should not break the client’s trust by meeting and exceeding expectations. On the other hand, clients should also go with the outsourcing partner that they know they can trust their project with.


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