Ohhhh Meat! Clever Publicity by RA Voskhod

Steak /stāk/

  • A high quality beef taken from the hindquarters of the animal, typically cut into thick slices that are cooked by broiling or frying


Who doesn’t like a good steak (aside from vegetarians and animal rights activists)? I mean really now, just stop and think about it. Imagine a large chunk or cut of high quality meat placed on a hot grill. See that marbling? It’s just a sign of greatness waiting to happen!


Flaming Billboard image


Listen to it sizzle!

That aroma! Smell it. Let it waft through the air. Let it tickle your senses. Allow yourself to be wrapped in clouds of flavor.

Look at it! That thick cut of heaven! See the juices running down from it. Imagine yourself sailing down idyllically on a river of meat drippings. Or skating on the smooth marbled plain. Sigh!

Now look at those flames sear! See the flames gently caress the meat and like magic – mark it for life.

See. Smell. Touch. Taste.

Isn’t that enough to whet one’s appetite?


This is what exactly RA Voskhod, a Russian agency, did to drum up some publicity for its client, the Double Grill&Bar steakhouse. By placing a steak on a billboard (which is conveniently located along a busy street) and lighting it aflame, the company hopes to attract a lot of attention.


Two men, complete with chef’s hats and white jackets no less, get up on a boom and actually ‘grill’ that amazing slab of pure meaty goodness. The result – a humongous piece of mouth-watering, medium-rare heaven! Mmm-mm!


Excuse me while I leave for the nearest steakhouse. Do check out a time-lapse video of how RA Voskhod’s team did it.


So what are you waiting for? Diets be damned! Let’s all dig in!!