Outsourcing Creative Processes to the Philippines

Outsourcing companies let businesses reduce operational costs by serving as their third-party partner that handles a part or the entirety of some of their business functions. So it isn’t surprising for businesses to take advantage of the opportunity to outsource creative work such as graphic design, motion graphics animation and video editing, web development, and copywriting services.


Among the countries that provide outsourcing services, the Philippines is one of the top providers, ranking 9th in the A.T. Kearney Global Services Location Index in 2011. The index ranked countries based on availability and people skills, business environment, and financial attractiveness.


The outsourcing industry in the Philippines continuously grows due to the positive traits that overseas clients like about Filipinos. Among these traits include the affinity of the Filipino culture to Western cultures, allowing Filipinos to become more adaptive; excellent communication skills, with the Philippines being among the top Asian countries highly proficient in the English language; and advanced knowledge in technological applications.


And besides the typical business functions being outsourced, creative process outsourcing also grows stronger in the Philippines. Creative process outsourcing solutions include graphic design, web development, copywriting, and animation.


Graphic design:

●      Web design

●      Print design

●      Branding and identity

●      Presentations

●      Marketing collaterals, etc.


●      SEO web content writing

●      Blogging

●      Creative writing

●      Technical writing

●      Social media management, etc.

Web development:

●      HTML/CSS

●      CMS websites

●      Responsive websites

●      Email marketing

●      Landing pages, etc.


●      Character design

●      Motion graphics

●      Flash and HTML5 design

●      Banner advertisements, etc.

●      Video editing, etc.


One of the top BPO companies in the Philippines is MicroSourcing. The company offers creative process outsourcing through its creative arm, MicroCreatives. What sets MicroCreatives apart from other Philippine creative process outsourcing agencies is that we don’t only handle the creative production, we can also be your partner in handling the entire creative and artistic process of your brand and other creative projects. We will be with you every step of the way, from concept to execution, bringing your vision to life.

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