Pick the Best Eye-Catching Colors for Your Web Projects

These days, most businesses and entrepreneurs choose the minimal look for their websites, and for a good reason: not only minimal layouts, when done right, are easy on the eyes and can be aesthetically pleasing, but from a web development perspective, they aren’t exactly the most complicated and most complex web design there is.

However, there are times that web designers are faced with the task of taking a more experimental approach, which sometimes involve a more playful, “post-web-safe” color theme. And while it is exciting to go the more complex route, there’s always the risk of it not working out for several reasons: one of which is choosing the wrong/distracting/too loud colors.

Some of the key points when it comes to choosing eye-popping, vibrant color schemes are:

  1. Carefully maintaining color contrasts, as users today usually control the overall settings of their screens, including glare protectors and plugins.
  2. Also consider color-blindness, which is why it’s also vital to be meticulous in setting contrast between the content and background colors to ensure readability and visual clarity of your content.
  3. Avoid black and white and opt for warmer and cooler shades of dark grays and off-whites that provide ample contrast and blend well with monochromatic tones and palettes.
  4. Primary colors are dated, as they give off the look of an obsolete site. RGBA is more preferred in CSS, including transparencies, which gives more opportunities to experiment.
  5. Lastly, it’s important to consider which colors work best to direct the users’ eyes to web actions (buttons, clicks, etc.) and content that warrant the most attention. Don’t forget that color hierarchy often play as secondary content by supporting the main purpose of the content and keeping the users’ attention to it.

Here are three examples of brightly colored, inviting websites that complement and enhance user experience and play an important role in effectively engaging website visitors and potential customers.


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