Picking the Right Colors for Your Brand

Colors give life to basically everything, not just in visuals, but in emotions and feelings as well. That being said, it is important that you pick just the right color for your brand! An effective color theme is also pivotal in your audience’s impression of your brand.



With all the seemingly unlimited content Pinterest offers, it’s definitely one of the best places to look inspiration for. You can look for pins that give out the most appropriate color themes that suit your brand, and then pick the ones that stand out. You can also search pins that your contemporaries are into, but make sure to stick with your authenticity and keep the originality. Pinterest has a wide variety of content, and it’s a nice way to kickstart your ideas.



Using a color picker, or a color tool, can also be a great help in picking the best hue your brand has been aching for. You can use software like Adobe Color CC, among many others. Using a color tool can help you mix different kinds of colors, may it be complementary, analogous, or monochromatic shades. Create your own color wheel – the world is yours! The best part is that you can make a color scheme for your brand that is truly your own.



Colors not only touch people visually, but they also have the power to trigger someone’s emotions. In most cases, bright hues like yellow and orange can evoke feelings of positivity and warmth. Colors can be an effective bridge for your brand to speak out and tell its story, so make sure that you pick the right ones, for your brand and your audience to have that mutual connection.


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