Portfolios that Jump Right Out of the Box

One way to increase and maintain your client base is to have an online portfolio. An attractive portfolio engages its viewers and makes them want to see more. It also balances style and substance by providing images and information that clients might find useful.

A great online portfolio contains the following:

  • Right-sized thumbnails make it easy for guests to get the idea right away, and draw just enough attention to make them click for more.
  • Short descriptions and write-ups, especially about your company’s achievements. As much as you’d like to impress potential clients, you’d be better off showcasing just a few company highlights.
  • A clean and simple online portfolio puts the spotlight on your product and makes it the “star” of the site. The right colors, layouts, and fonts ensure that your portfolio gets the views it deserves.

Here are some successful designers who use online portfolios to entice potential clients to sign up:


Adam Coulombe aims to “solve problems with design”, and he succeeds by using a combination of attention-grabbing write-ups and excellent photography.


Filip Slovacek features a minimalist, black-and-white layout that introduces his creative output right away.


Marc Thomas uses strong fonts and colors to create visually-appealing websites that leave a lasting impact.


Julien Renvoye mixes and matches playful illustrations, edgy infographics, and contrasting colors to sell his product.



Rich Dean employs a simple, one-page layout and short, straight-to-the-point captions to introduce his portfolio.


Marek Piatek features a monochromatic color scheme and grid-based layout for a portfolio that is as compelling as it is easy to navigate.

The online portfolios listed are also works of art in themselves, and they show the infinite possibilities that a well-designed online portfolio can provide to you. Feel free to get inspiration from these portfolios and watch as your business grows!