Put Your Products under the Spotlight through SEO

There are handy SEO tools that can help your product become more competitive in the online market. We’ve compiled a list of things that can help you identify what type of product your market wants and also how to name it such that it will be highly visible in search results.


Useful SEO Tools for Product Development

  • Take advantage of your analytics data

You can look at your content reports to see which product and content page your customers prefer interacting with. If your audience normally visits and comments on a certain type of product, you may want to release an updated or enhanced version of it and expect that the new product will garner the same attention and success as its predecessor.


Google Analytics offers a tool which helps you learn which keywords your visitors use in order to reach your site. With this, you can learn which type of products your visitors are searching for—especially the ones that you don’t offer.

  • Webmaster Tools Reports

Use Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools to help you see which content and keywords are densely used by your target market. This can help you identify trends within your industry. Furthermore, these reports come straight from search engines so you’re assured of their reliability.

  • Google’s Keyword Research Tool

If you already have a new product in mind, use Google’s Keyword Research Tool to learn more about how many people search for that product or products similar to it This can also help in naming your products, because it will give insight as to what type of language your target market uses when searching for the products or services they need.


For example, if you name your product Garden Tools Wholesale Minnesota, it’s more likely that people will search for it than a brand of garden tools that has an obscure name that people rarely use when searching for something they want to buy. The product name may not sound as cool, but it’s likely to attract traffic and attention. Think of which search terms your audience is more likely to use, even if it means dropping “scarlet” for “red.”

  • Organic Search Competitive Analysis

Learning more about how your competitors achieve their success can help you understand how to do better. How did they optimize their website in order to gain a huge following? See which keywords they use, how they title their pages, and how they add descriptions, in order to learn more about what you can do to optimize your own pages.