Sell Your Creative Services with the Right Copy

In a nutshell, writing a copy that sells your creative services can be too simple that it gets easily overlooked. Finding the perfect combination of words to use for your website, brochure, and other projects, in concept is easy; just start by working on what your market wants and work your best to deliver. A basic approach that can be considered highly effective is to do the following:


First step is to have effective consultations and LISTEN to what your new prospects often refer to – lines like “I think my website needs an update,” or “I feel like my company’s branding does not express what the company is about,” among others. When you are aware of what is needed of you, make a list of the problems the clients are currently facing and arrange the “common problems” list starting from most common to least common. Typically, if one client brings a concern to your attention, it is possible to find others who feel and think the same way.


Now that you’re aware of the concerns or problems at hand, second step is to TRANSFORM the problems and come up with appropriate solutions. Starting with the transformation requires asking a great amount of questions about the project to arrive on a more definite solution from the collection of vague concerns.


After transforming the problems to solutions, third step is just to LIVEN UP YOUR HEADLINES to bring in the necessary traffic. By bringing in the much needed activity, the effort that it took to work on the communication pays off as it grabs attentions while holding interest with the quality content. Be sure to stick to clean, minimalistic, yet pleasant designs and copies, while exploring what your target market needs via intensive research.


There really isn’t much to work on; but when you have the right formula that is sure to bring in the perfect amount of activity and curiosity, repeat and adjust for every client and reap the rewards of a well thought out creative output.