SEO HACKS: How to get around the virtual world of Search Engine Optimization

Tell us, dear reader – do you know SEO? Do you even now what that means and how it manipulates your life? If not, you’re probably just the type-and-click person – simply Googling up what you need to know. BUT don’t close your tab just yet; this might be helpful for you too. Here goes…


In a nutshell, SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way to make a certain website more prominent in the search pages by using and even predicting what a wondering Joe would search. For example, if you are a pizza company offering free deliveries and a certain Joe wants pizza and would order online, you would want him to see your page first, so that he would buy your service. SEO management does that, and it is done through intricate web development, design, and choice content.


Today, the online market has been pretty much very – and we mean very ­– competitive, that every company who would want to make their businesses boom online has set up their very own websites. However, only a few make it to the cut – to the first page of the search engines. But how do they do it? Apart from creating great and viral content, there are a number of ways as to how the said feature can be used to return some moolah to you. Here are some tips:



Meta info/keywords should be carefully designed so that it does not sound overbearing. Do not use it like a madman, and if you really require using it do not stuff your description with too much keyword. Keep it short and sweet under 55 characters for the title, and 160 characters for the description.



Ah yes, Google has a product called Google My Business where clients may sign up to a virtual phone book for a certain area, and they can put their details there. Ask your client if they already have a listing here. If not, set it up for them!





Always keep track of your client’s web development by creating reports from Google Analytics. Track movement in your site and analyze times, content, and others to create a better website and more visitors for the client.



Is your website organized? Do you have stray pages that seems as if they are protruding and out of place? Is the design begging for attention or does it simply convey you as a brand? Make sure that when you set up your website, all these things are considered. It is still important for people to remember you and your brand by YOUR USEFUL WEBSITE, so that if worse comes to worst and you’re not rating on the SEO stands through meta, you’d probably have your chance of hoarding visitors and potential clients through the design. We at MicroCreatives strive hard to provide our clients the best possible version of their site – so come and talk to us!



You wouldn’t want to drown potential clients with text, so make sure to place adequate images (.gifs, photos, art, and others) on your website, and add some alt tags too!




One surefire way to make your website attractive, clean and noteworthy for search engines to pick up is by setting up a very helpful site map. Make sure to have one linked through your page, so that users will easily access what they need, plus they’d probably remember your website’s layout once they visit it again!



Nope, this is not really SEO, but if you’re the designer, do not flood your client’s website with your mark, please. You technically own the website because you designed it, but this is not helping with the client’s crawl up to the search engine battles. It would seem as if you’re trying to impress their clients and customers with you and taking away the focus from the client. SO UNLESS IT IS NEEDED, then stop putting and linking your website or your services to your client’s page!


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